Thursday, December 27, 2007

At Politico, Mike Allen is reporting that Witnesses recall Romney-MLK March.

Hart will ignore this.

Friday, December 21, 2007

WEASEL-LAZY ass. That's a new one.

Hart Williams must be in the Lefty Blogger's version of the holiday spirit. From December 18-21, he posted five times on the "Vorpal Sword" with a relatively low venom-to-total-words ratio.

The Mendacifier of the Reich™, clever snots, BLIZZARD OF BULLSHIT, comatose enablers, Kewpie Dolls of Mass Media, Rightie Hateosphere, nest of vipers, typical Rightie So-Superior Know-It-All-Manner, The World’s Dumbest Felon, weasel, average dumbass rightie blog reader, World’s Dumbest Felon, barf it back out, snotty attacks, screeching baboons, screech and throw feces, Rightie Hateosphere, WEASEL-LAZY ass, douchebag, assmonkey.
His hate-score-per-post was more typical.

Who Hart Hates from December 17-21, 2007:

Mitt Romney, National Review Online, George Romney, David Broder, George Bush, Ed Morrissey, Liberty Counsel, Mark Tapscott, Paul Jacob, Ann Coulter, Michelle Malkin.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hart Williams doesn't like Robert Bork

In fact, Hart thinks that Robert Bork is a "fundamentally psychotic steaming pile of monkey feces."

Just kidding.

Hart thinks that Bob Linden, host of Go Vegan with Bob Linden, is a "fundamentally psychotic steaming pile of monkey feces."

What Hart thinks about Robert Bork is that Robert Bork is a "batshit crazy, hyper-loonie, self-righteous nutcase".

The two invective sessions occurred nearly one on top of the other over at "Vorpal Sword". It's hard keeping it straight.

You try.

Is it Robert Bork or Bob Linden (or other drive-bys) who pulled these adjectives out of Hart's ever-fertile invective factory?

attacks, half-truths, outright lies, Screw you, spoiled and pampered, very self-righteous, brook no differences, fanatical ideologues, Republican madness, anti-commie lunatics, laughable rationalization, fevered ravings, howler, mentally erratic and hateful thinking, shrill, whining arrogant, classist

batshit crazy, hyper-loonie, self-righteous nutcase, worthless bastard quisling crypto-nazi dimwits, long and shameful history, political hacks, cronies, bad jurists, paleoconservative martyrdumb, crypto-Klan thug, nutball-even-then, nazi cocksucker sonofabitch spawn of satan, worthless sack of orangutan shit, his pustulent ass, Satan’s own booger himself, active collaborator, worthless sack of spineless Democratic leadership shit
Hart throws some general education into his posts:

Salt is the only rock you can eat.
Hart also mentions:

I subscribe to Buddhist Moderation.
(What would Our Favorite Lefty Blogger be like if he subscribed to Buddhist Immoderation?)

Hart targets December 15-16, 2007:

Ronald Reagan, Nancy Pelosi, Robert Bork, Richard Nixon, Clarence Thomas, Antonin Scalia, Roger Taney, William Rehnquist, and Bob Linden.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hart Williams and Butt Plug Bob

It is December. The New Republic has folded.

Kos himself says:

First off is the New Republic, which takes 200 pages to finally conclude that no, they can't verify the truth of reports an Army private was sending them for publication.
Hart Williams has been waging a war to defend the New Republic. Now that TNR says it cannot stand behind Scott Beauchamp's report, Hart has added Franklin Foer to his extremely long list of hate targets. In Hart-speak, Foer is "gutless" and shows a "craven lack of moral courage".

In his cry of rage at the inevitable, Hart relies of Techniques 3 and 4 from the Hart Williams Blog Techniques Scale:

Technique 3: "Random drive-by smears."

Technique 4: "Sycophantic praise of bloggers and journalists you may have actually heard of."

Hart is courting Salon blogger Glenn Greenwald, who comes in for a burst of sycophancy:

"Far more appropriate to celebrate those rare few who DO exemplify that rarest quality, nowadays. Like Glenn Greenwald, for instance, but there are others."
The random drive-by smears in this one post go all the way back to Linda Tripp.

Here are the adjectives and phrases of invective that came pouring out of Hart in reaction to TNR's announcement, in the order of their appearance:

hair-splitting, gutless, caving in, snark, unrelenting attacks, the Reich Wing Blogosmear™, craven lack of moral courage, whipped dogs of blogwar, unrelenting assault, flying monkeys, the Blogosmear™, moral cowardice, an election was stole, bullied, the thugs and bullies of the right, the catamite media,
the flying monkeys, the flying monkeys, Greater Wingnuttia, flying monkeys.

Butt Plug Bob, Confederate Yanker, dangerously out-of-control extremist, endless hate-filled attacks, Butt Plug Bob, obsessiveness, pathological, Butt Plug Bob, paranoid, untalented, excessively hypocritical, rank overestimation, reprehensible human being, an endlessly rationalizing partisan hack , no-talent hacks, Butt Plug Bob, the savages of the Reich,

Butt Plug Bob, Butt Plug Bob, stupidly, latest inanity, World Class dumbass, pussies, carnivorous flying monkeys,the literary parsers of the Reich, auto-da-fé , dumbass, the yowling baboons of the Blogosmear™ , gibber, caper, witLESS, Butt Plug Bob, Butt Plug Bob, Butt Plug Bob, mindlessly, impervious, oblivious, creepy, Butt Plug Bob, cyberstalked, Rightie, smearing, horseshit, failure, failure, UTTER failure, SAME bastards, mercilessly attacked, bullshit, twist in the wind, flying monkeys, Butt Plug Bob, sleazy posting, cyber-stalky, increasingly obsessive, seemingly deranged, Butt Plug Bob,

mean-spirited, Butt Plug Bob, Flying Monkeys, Butt Plug Bob, mousetrapped, swing in the breeze, borderline psychotic Butt Plug Bob, carpet-chewing blog posting by Butt Plug Bob, fucking DUMB, Butt Plug Bob, Butt Plug Bob.
That's 18--count 'em--references to Butt Plug Bob in one post.

In this stream of invective, I noticed "obsessiveness" and "pathological" and "cyberstalked". Projection, anyone?


Who Hart hates in early December 2007:

Gene Simmons, Chuck Norris, Brent Bozell, Newsbusters, Stephen A. Boylan, Ken Starr, Linda Tripp, Lucianne Goldberg, Bob Owens.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'll see your lefty, and raise you

Rick Moran: The Triumph of the Paranoid Left.

You think your lefties are worth keeping an eye on? Mine is the best. Hart Williams is going to rise up to the top of the lefty shrillosphere, become famous, and earn dollars every month in blog advertising revenue.

Hart posted on three different blogs in October. I've gone through and analyzed his rhetoric on one of them, "His Vorpal Sword". I did this by pulling out his color commentary.

Here's a sample:

ample and abundant ass, should roll his shit in little balls, fat putz, Hate Jockey, whose hate spews in every corner of the land, The righties, the right wing hate machine, the evil rightie Empire Strikes Back, savaging, Right Wing Media, crap, lunatic fringe groups, extremist Rightie Talk Radio, crazed ex-psychological counselor, these fringies

disgusting implicit absurd notion, unending quagmire, chilling, their smear game, meaningless slur, sadistic teenage boys, hard-core ideologues, nonsense, mysteriously, the sudden disappearance

leaked documents, snarkiness, the sheer hypocrisy, incompetent, Department of Homeland Sekurity, parroting, utter lack of facility with English, damning indictment, utter incompetence, incompetents

this whole mess stinks to high heaven, stink on ice, McCarthyesque attack, obviously coercive tactics, exceedingly cornball language, an unseemly interest, a NON-story, keeping up the drumbeat, stinks to high heaven, extremely questionable, an Inquisition

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Blog update

I've added new October names to the last post about Hart's October shrillospherics along with siderail links to their websites.

I'm only about half done with October and much more has poured out of Hart Williams in November. I'll start doing a weekly round-up to stay current, and catch up with Hart's older posts when I have spare time.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Hart Williams October wrap-up, continued

It's closing in on the end of November and there is still much work to do cataloguing the October shrillosphericies (leftwing blogger conspiracy theories) of Hart Williams.

Here is a partial list of the targets of Hart's October hate-o-fest:

Mike Arno, Rick Arnold, Rep. John Boehner, Col. Steven Boylan, Dick Cheney, Michael Chertoff, Jules Crittendon, John Derbyshire, James Dobson, Matt Drudge, Thomas Fleming, Leslie Graves, Stephen Hayward, Mark Hemingway, Michael Hill, Rusty Humphries, Paul Jacob, Irving Kristol, William Kristol, Howard Kurtz, KUGN-590, Rush Limbaugh, Kathryn Jean Lopez, Michelle Malkin, Rupert Murdoch, Iain Murray, Eric O’Keefe, Bob Owens, Dan Quayle, Howard Rich, Mitt Romney, Michael Rubin, Franklin Sanders, Phyllis Schlafly, Mark Steyn.

That's from less the half the month, and only counting one of his blogs. Being an anthropologist of this example of a shrillosophericist is tough work.

How tough is it?

Hart Williams thinks it is funny to spell Mitt Romney's name as "Mitt Wrongmney". Doesn't it just make you want to roflmao?


Updated on November 22, list alphabetized, more names added.